Pickleball Popularity Grows Rapidly Among Senior Citizens

Although pickleball is becoming increasingly popular among all age groups, it’s especially become a favorite of senior citizens. A primary reason for this is the sport’s flexibility in the amount of physical ability required. Interested persons might shop for equipment at a store such as Wolfe Sports, which has a wide variety of wolfe pickleball paddles and other gear for playing the game.

Why Seniors Find the Game Appealing

Somewhat similar to tennis, the game can be played in doubles style, allowing everyone to avoid strenuous running around the court. The court is also smaller than a standard tennis court, another reason people of a certain age like the game. Seniors often are dealing with conditions such as osteoarthritis that make it more difficult for them to chase a ball around. The smaller playing space, particularly in doubles, lets players stay within a limited foot-travel range while remaining competitive against the opposing side.

Physical and Mental Benefits

Nevertheless, pickleball provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. Players are on their feet, moving around and swinging a paddle. The game is also good for cognition, as it requires people to use their thinking skills to quickly analyze ball movements and determine strategy. People who haven’t been engaging in much other physical activity will gradually find their muscles becoming more toned and their energy level increasing as they play this game regularly.


The game was invented in 1965 when a U.S. Congressman and friends wanted to play badminton but didn’t have all the necessary equipment. They improvised with paddles for table tennis and a wiffle ball. People do need some gear to play the game, but they can use a variety of courts. Tennis and basketball courts are entirely suitable.

The sport now boasts an organization known as the USA Pickleball Association, or USAPA, with thousands of members nationwide. The main requirement for membership is having a passion for the game. Nearly 70 percent of members are over 59 years of age, confirming how thoroughly seniors have adopted this athletic activity as their own. It just may be the fastest-growing sport in this age group.